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Tampa Trauma Recovery Counseling

One traumatic event can affect different people in varying intensities. However, even those who seem fine on the outside still need as much support as those evidently struggling with their trauma.

Tampa Trauma Recovery Counseling Counseling 2 cnTampa Counseling is a certified provider of Tampa, FL trauma recovery counseling services. We have professional counselors who will help you go through the recovery process without any judgment, unnecessary pressure, and the novice mistake of worsening your trauma by making you relive your traumatic experience.

With us, you can have a solid support system that may help you gradually move on from the traumatic event you experienced. We will help you make sense of all the emotions you are feeling at the moment or the absence of any emotion at all. With your cooperation, we can guide you on how to deal with trauma in a healthy manner.

There is no rush to recovery. You will do better if you heal on your own time. What is best, however, is to have an expert life coach who will lead you to healthy coping mechanisms that will keep you from depression and lack of will to live.

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How Can You Recover From Trauma?

People who went through a traumatic experience may have the tendency to suppress their negative thoughts and emotions to themselves. Others will resort to drastic coping mechanisms like substance abuse and aggression.

Tampa Trauma Recovery Counseling Counseling cnBefore your trauma leads you to unhealthy emotional, psychological, and behavioral patterns that can destroy some or all aspects of your life, our Tampa trauma recovery counseling experts can help evaluate and improve your situation. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

In this counseling approach, our counselors will lead you through a process called cognitive restructuring. This is where we’ll help you identify your shattered beliefs and assumptions in order to rebuild them afterward, allowing you to think differently as to why a traumatic event has happened to you.

Through our trauma-focused CBT, we will help you modify the negative thoughts and coping responses that your trauma has caused. These responses include but are not limited to thought suppression, consistent pessimism about life, and even welcoming threats on purpose. 

Our counselors will expertly help you address your traumatic thoughts and fears in a safe and supportive environment. We will do this in a gradual and comforting manner in order to avoid pushing you deeper into a traumatized state of mind. Usually, meetings will last for at least eight sessions, depending on how you are particularly dealing with your trauma.


Often, exposure is a technique used in combination with CBT. This approach is made for people who forcefully avoid any situation that can remind them of their traumatic experiences. 

Through exposure, our counseling experts can guide you on how to better manage your thoughts, emotions, and actions during situations that trigger your traumatic memories. Although we would never force you into scenarios that will magnify your trauma, gradually getting familiar with how to deal with your fears can be a better way to recover from your trauma. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Tampa Trauma Recovery Counseling pexels rodnae productions 7468236 200x300EMDR approach is also used alongside CBT during counseling. This process can be done by one of our counselors—sitting close to you while passing their hand back and forth your field of vision. This technique can help you focus on hand movement while discussing your traumatic experience, effectively lessening your distress when thinking about the incident.

The process can be seen as strange, and it’s not yet fully understood why it works. However, research shows that it can be effective. Our counselors will even gladly walk you through how the process is specifically done and how it can help your situation. 

Imagery re-scripting

This method is also used with CBT in order to prompt you into thinking of your traumatic memories as no more than shadows of your past. Through the help of our counselors, this process can allow you to associate your memories with less distressing thoughts and emotions by using creative imagery. 

It is important to remember that imagery re-scripting won’t alter your reality. It will only let you lessen your mental and emotional burden as you gradually train your mind to connect your fears with a more positive image.

Move Forward With Tampa Trauma Recovery Counseling Experts

At Tampa Counseling, you will meet with expert counselors who will guide you in the trauma recovery process that fits your specific case and needs. What we offer is a professional yet comfortable relationship where you are given ample support, care, and guidance as you are evaluated on how you’re currently dealing with trauma and create an actionable plan that will allow you to heal better.

Tampa Trauma Recovery Counseling pexels karolina grabowska 6255626 300x200We will be with you as you identify your strengths and weaknesses, leading to the root cause of what’s blocking your trauma recovery. Our counselors will never force or rush your healing. Instead, we will tailor our counseling sessions into activities and discussions that will address your specific emotional and mental needs.

Whether you are having trouble talking about what happened to you, you’re having nightmares about the experience, or you’re considering self-harm to end what you’re feeling, we are here to hear your side and help you out. Rest assured, we will be a non-judgmental confidant who will offer no less than genuine advice that puts your wellbeing forward.

Let’s Hear Your Story

Tampa Trauma Recovery Counseling logo finalWe understand that it can be frightening to talk about the things that left you scarred—mentally or physically. At times, you might think that it’s best to just forget about all of it. You might hide behind the idea that if you don’t discuss what happened, the memory will soon fade, and so will the thoughts that still haunt you today.

However, talking about the experience does not make your trauma any more real than it already is. The truth is, going into our Tampa trauma recovery counseling will allow you to dwarf the fear and emotional burden that you’re feeling. And with consistent effort, they will soon just become stepping stones as you overcome and grow in life.

With us, talking won’t make it worse. It can only make you braver as you move on from your traumatic past.

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